• Rye

    Our healthy Rye bread is high in protein with very low saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and is a good source of dietary fibre.

  • Rosettes

    Our delicious Rosettes are the perfect dinner rolls to complement soups or salads.

  • Como

    Our signature Italian-style hearth bread has a golden crust and chewy interior.

  • Sourdough

    Our Sourdough is made without commercial yeast, this full flavored sourdough is leavened with 100% natural sour starter.

  • Raisin Walnut

    Our Raisin Walnut is packed with raisins and walnuts in a combination of whole wheat and sourdough breads.

  • Pumpernickel

    Our Pumpernickel is traditionally made with coarsely ground rye and a combination of rye flour and whole rye berries.